Adoption of Gaming in Training Processes is a Emerging Trend

Seshadri J, Sr. Director – IT, Emerson Network Power

Technology is much ahead than the adoption today, many organizations prefer to have a good rapport with media and the knowledge base; who are most willingly in the market place in the aspect to technology, the number of users who are aware of different technologies, adaptability of technologies by the respective queries and also expect the adoption throughout the organization. There are bigger challenges in an organization to face than the conventional IT challenges in a present day scenario there is more to do with IT consumerisation, but in this particular case the organizations are behind the curve, and probably ahead of the curve to obtain the state of the art consumerisation for the growth of organization.

Moderation and governance brings in to the people and it follows a top to bottom approach in most of the cases today; so the better opinion is not just to position the technology but also emphasize the enterprise wide adoption as a primary factor and the benefits that can be reached with this preferred technology, this is the primary way of adopting to the technology, yet there are many other ways to get converged with technology, as in consideration of any growing organization it is certain that the organization is more closer adopting to technology in addition to challenges and in finding people who are more techno savvy can adapt and advice this technology to the enterprise.

Technology Cult

Business can be achieved through IT in several means today, the state of the art CLOUD services helps both Hybrid cloud & personal cloud and gives the opportunity to combine and to connect personal devices, its applications with enhanced network security tools to lead business applications brings more of a enhancement in productivity and strategic efficiency improvement in the whole system so that more work can be accomplished in less time. The proliferation of mobile devices and applications is bringing new trends, the ability to bring gaming in learning and training processes, in many large organizations the R&D teams are working on how gaming can bring in a part to educate courses and emphasize employees in large organizations. When IT comes in a part of business bringing more efficiency and achieve better results at any point of time then business and IT have an amalgamation of each of these entities.

Gaming in mobility is conceptualizing and evaluating, it is more in to conceptual stages and looking for how a gaming can help educate an employee more in terms of his duties or some of the regular routines, servicing equipments in terms of pre check list and post check list, how it can be done and people will have more additional access because of the preface of the smart phones and related gadgets, the adaptability is more faster in this platform, rather than training into a monotones PDF file or any other database format that is being used.

The whole effort would be in how the training sessions can be converted in to an interesting videogame platform or an alternative which can help bring the collaboration between crew and the team members so that participating in that can solve some of the unsolved scenarios. If a given challenge is in solving machinery problem or repairing a unit it needs to undergo many stages, all these stages can be slashed down by making this a gaming platform which can be played between the players. At this point of time it is being conceptualized and will emerge as a product in a couple of years.

Security threats:

Network security is primarily important, today the network propagation is far beyond the conventional methods be it firewall or internet protection system or may be proxies, the network has to be detected context based on geography, all these comes to play when a person enters a network, both in to the network or associate network, that is going to be a biggest concern.

Innovation allows people across majority of organizations to tweak, providing an opportunity for the young aspirants raising the confidence to the employee, allowing him/her to perform on creative and innovative tasks in their current role of interest, the employee must be encouraged to process the special task and must be appreciated, this can take many forms like awarding him during the recognition programs, office parties and similar forms. There are many ways to incentivize and recognize that, the organization gives him the confidence to tweak, change and encourage his work. The real innovation comes from some of the productivity applications and new things like how well the organization can train people in any particular area, how can organization make training more effective and joyful so that the employee is allowed to think out of the box with the facilities provided, tweak or change some of the things employee things it works fine, this will bring in a lot of innovation across the organizations.