Changes in the IT Infrastructure with Focus on V-Sat Networks

Kersi Tavadia, CIO, BSE

Challenges Faced by Capital Market

Capital market is one of the most elevated industries where Information Technology is used extensively. With people expecting responses in micro seconds the industry is facing challenges each and every day. Moreover with technology evolving everything happens in microsecond of operation, thereby facilitating speed and connectivity. Other than that, the veiled architecture must be robust in order to keep up with the response time together with the unacceptability of downtime, another challenge faced by the organization making the role of a CIO imperative.

The products in question must be thoroughly tested without being detrimental for the market concerned. Change must be fostered segment by segment rather than the entire whole. This increases confidence and allows time to get used to the existing system. Systems must work hand in hand to ensure response speed.

Fault Tolerance in Stock Exchange Platform

A complete architecture is an open source architecture cost effective comprising of commodity hardware, open databases and commodity network switching. Also Big Data which is another open source platform plays an important role in any stock exchange platform giving better experience, at the same time curbing cost.

Proper knowledge and expertise is important for any product for smooth planning and knowhow about testing. With a complex architecture excellent dashboards become mandatory since monitoring becomes much more complicated. Due to this more time is spent on monitoring with the need of a processor to check what is happening, since the industry is a labyrinth of software, hardware and network all functioning simultaneously. Systems must be able to point out any break since it would be part of the design, so fault tolerance is the design developed in any stock exchange application. Moreover within the environment of any IT infrastructure which belongs to an exchange opening, it would not have any hardware changes occurring within the market. The hardware changes will be transparent to the trading commodity thus the design is totally a fault tolerant design internal to the hardware. A better option is to put the commodity hardware working all the way yet the cost difference between the two approaches remains high. Companies hence can either choose a high end infrastructure investment or good commodity hardware with fault tolerance.

V-Sat Network

However, today it has become one of the most reliable networks without any physical medium just the work station and the V-Sat in the root talk with no media interference. The only downside it faces is the editing of difficult latencies following a simple physics rule of travelling for a long distance from the work station to the satellite and back. V-Sat Network was crucial since it was not possible to understand what would crop up in the network traffic as there were risks involved, with the operators not willing to be exposed to any sort of hazard thereby applying for permission to an administrative figure. Realizing the danger the nature of business would have on the economy, special permission have been granted to the stock exchanges to have private V-Sat Network. In recent times various mode of connectivity have emerged far better and equally reliant leading V-Sat to be on deadlines. However, India being a large country, a wide number of areas requires telecom connectivity, the only base of V-Sat today. V-Sat Network is used as a shared model, the services model versus service provider. With advanced market and systems, shared models become more pleasing and many organizations tend to move from private V-SAT network to shared V-SAT networks.

The key focus is to keep experimenting and accepting newer technologies with proper planning and knowledge of the industry in and out. It is thus imperative to have suitable knowledge about how business operates and using advanced technologies as and when required.