M2M: Communication will Drive the Future of Networking

Bhavin Barbhaya - VP, Network & Data Center, AGC Networks Limited

Threats are manageable today as the information availability is anywhere anytime any devices; which means information has become a vital piece of any organization, to keep the information confidential or to keep the information difference between them and their competitors, organizations need to protect their information at any point of time; now with the evolution of devices and change of network and the change of accessibility from varied devices information has to be secured, it needs to be in the encrypted manner so that nobody will be able to store it and nobody must share the information with uninterrupted parties these are the main key factors where organizations will be worried about the security threat.

There are couple of trends happening today in the market that are driving different industries, SoCloMo (Social, Cloud and Mobility) is the area which is more familiar today. In the networking sector mobility is one among those which is driving the technology today, there is a proliferation in the devices happening, smart devices at the same time are available for information anywhere anytime, this is the close role of mobility which is driving the needs of today’s enterprises and demands in business, as the needs of the customer pursue the information should be available 24X7, at the same time it needs to be secured, there are various smart devices and emerging almost every day, with new version upgrades and easily available, in this case CIO needs to ensure this information must be available on all these devices, at the same time it has to be secured. Cloud and mobility are the technology players’ that are driving the trends in networking industry today.

SMEs and large organizations:

The trends today are emerging at a neck wrecking speeds regardless of large organizations or SMEs. SME’s are mostly local or domestic in nature irrespective of the geography they belong, Cost optimization is the significant task to be manipulated for their network operations, Cost may be their restriction, where as in large organization the flow of operational cost may not be restricted, availability of information and simplification of business processes and security are the concerns which SMEs demand. Certain SMEs are so techno savvy they take advantage with the service providers of cloud technologies and taking cloud in the form of (AaaS) Application as a Service and (NaaS) Network as a Service from the service providers, as there is still a large reservation for SME’s.

Virtualization is the most happening trend in the market today, customers today are asking for virtualization of processes, demanding to save work space, using hardware much effectively and that is where virtualization takes place, most of the organizations today are in to virtualized environment they have reduced their hardware substance, they have reduced their rack spaces and in turn to achieve a huge power saving using virtualization of processes, most of the organizations today have implemented the virtualization technology and are moving to cloud. Large organizations today prefer to have a private cloud rather than public cloud, because of security concerns and to multiply customers since they already have an infrastructure, a bandwidth and internet lines which are the key differentiators. IT segment have also started using cloud infrastructure with greater standards which was created over time with bits and pieces.

Technology delves:

Primarily there are OEMs driving the R&D segments. As seen since the couple of years networking industry in terms of technology was stagnant. There is a very little change as seen in the architectural level, networking was used to come up with the possible level of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) or other some related architectures but there is no much architectural changes happening. But now there are changes happening because of the social networking and cloud computing technologies, mobility is going to be the age where information is accessed by the mobile users. Most of the networking industry OEMs are Networking) and that will be the buzz word and the future of networking industry.

Internet of things is what that can be seen physically the main part in the days to come. It means each and everything will be connected to internet (M2M) Machine to Machine communication is going to be one of the major technology shifts which is going to drive the entire industry. Multiple applications running on single hardware, with the high performance CPU, Virtualized memory, Particular CPU segment are the segments of virtualization process. Virtualized environment is already taken place because of which a dramatic change to the data center is seen, M2M communication is going to change the way networking and Cloud industry data centers is getting the way today.